RFU KO Competition Entry Form


These RFU KO Competitions are only for clubs at Level 7 or below.

Please make careful note and consider the following change in conditions of entry into these RFU National KO Competitions.

The Midlands Division Organising Committee hereby gives notice that not only will there not be any prize monies involved in these competitions but that the National Finals might no longer be held at Twickenham, due to the RFU financial cutbacks already notified to affiliated clubs. However, every effort will be made to do so, knowing that this opportunity to play at HQ is one of the chief draws to taking part in the competitions.

The MDOC has decided that once a club has entered one of these competitions and then subsequently drops out after the first draw is made, for whatever reason, that Club will be fined £100 unless the MDOC deems there are extenuating circumstances. These monies will then be used in totality to recompense the non-offending club for the loss of their game. By entering these RFU KO Competitions clubs will be agreeing to this condition of entry and will be bound to fulfil their obligations to abide by the instructions published.

MDAI 14. covers the consequences of fines that are subsequently unpaid.

M.D.O.C. Secretary and RFU KO Competitions Administrator :- Roger Rees

2 Wain Close, Alcester, Warwickshire. B49 6LA. Tel. :- 01789 400082 E-mail :- rogerwrees@sky.com