ECRUC Midlands Leagues

All leagues in the Midlands have been split into two conferences based on geographical location. The season has been divided into three windows. In the first window clubs will play each other on a home and away basis within their group. Dates have been allocated to Window 1 rounds. If we do not start the season on time, each week will be automatically moved to the end of the first window i.e. in 14 club leagues Round 1 will be played on Round 15 and Round 2 will be played on Round 16 and so on, in 12 club leagues Round 1 will be played on Round 11 and Round 2 will be played on Round 12 and so on.

Example (14 team league) -

2 conferences of 7 clubs.

Group (conference) games will take 14 rounds.

If, for example, we are not able to return to playing rugby until Round 6, the first game will be the one listed for Round 6 NOT Round 1.

After Round 14, the scheduled fixtures for Rounds 1-5 will then be played in order, completing Window 1.

Please note: It is not yet confirmed when the season will start – the dates shown may well change as outlined above.

If we complete the first window successfully we will then move to the second window which will see you playing teams from the other group in your league onceeither home OR away. If there is still time, before the end of the scheduled league season, then the third window will be played – where you will play the reversed fixtures of window 2, thereby completing the full programme of league games.

Some things to note:

  • Dates for windows 2 and 3 will be allocated once we are able to start the season.

  • There will not be any RFU KO Competitions during season 2020-2021 if there is a delayed start.

  • If only the first window is possible, a playoff between the leaders of the two groups will be staged to decide the league winner.

  • The fixtures will not be placed on GMS until a start date is confirmed. Please note that fixtures will only filter through to club websites once they are placed on the GMS.

  • No decision has been made on the effect of this season on promotion/relegation for the 2021-22 season.

For your league's original 2020-2021 fixtures click on the appropriate green button below:

For up to date fixtures, results & league tables click here: League Results

ECRUC Midlands Leagues Tree

with League Conferences below

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