The Midlands Region incorporates the following Rugby Football Unions:

East Midlands,  Leicestershire,  North Midlands,  Notts.Lincs.&Derbys.,  Staffordshire  and  Warwickshire 

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The Structured Season provides the Saturday dates in the season and is available for viewing and downloading from the Downloads page. 

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Subject: Electronic Match Card & Squad Assignment Updates - Reminder

As the majority of teams will be starting their league seasons in the coming weeks we are reissuing the information sent at the beginning of the month with respect to the Electronic Match Card Updates and Squad Assignment.

Reminder: All players must be assigned to the corresponding team’s squad via Team Management to be available for selection on an Electronic Match Card. Please see the Step-by-step Guide to assigning players for assistance on this.

Points to note on Squad Assignment:

The 100 effectively registered player limit does, however, remain.

As noted, there are also updated Electronic Match Card Guides, which can be found here and further information can be found here.


Make sure anyone who is likely to need to fill in an EMC has been set up as a Match Card Administrator and has a permission level of 1, 3 or 5 on GMS by your club Data Officer.  They need this role in addition to any others they may have.

New for season 2021-2022 and further

Ensure that your players have been assigned to the appropriate team’s playing squad in Team Management on GMS. This is a new process for this season, so please check that it has been done. If this is not done then the players will not show up within the EMC for selection and you will not be able to complete your EMC. Please see here for a guide on how to assign/remove your players to/from a squad. It is a short process that should not take much time, and will help speed up player selection on EMC.

Other helpful guides

For links to our online PDF guides as well as EMC FAQs please click here. Step by step video guides will also soon be uploaded so please keep an eye out for those.

Additionally, this page here, will give more information on EMC.


The score section on the EMC must be completed no later than 17:30 on the day of the game for men and 18:00 for women.  If for any reason you cannot get the result submitted by the deadline you MUST contact your results service (see numbers below) or text the score and number of tries to 07797 800 102.


If you have difficulty submitting an EMC you must still contact the results service with your score. 

A dedicated EMC helpline will be available to support you over the weekend. They can be contacted on 0208 831 7764.  Please note they can only help with technical enquiries – any matters relating to regulations should be referred to your league secretary.  The helpdesk will be staffed from 17:00 to 21:00 on Fridays, 12:00 to 19:00 on Saturdays (from 3/4th September) and 12:00 to 19:00 on Sundays (from Sunday 25th September).

To confirm - the EMC Helpline is for technical queries only. It cannot assist with competition regulations or RFU rules. For this, please contact your League Secretary.


Midlands - 0121 663 6631 

Fulfilling of Fixtures - Season 2022-2023

All ECRUC clubs are being advised that the RFU is in the process of strengthening the Regulations and sanctions applicable to the "non-fulfilment" of fixtures as currently set out in RFU Regulation. 

Regulation 22 : Covid-19 Variations & Covid-19 Declaration Form

Policy for teams that find themselves impacted by Covid-19 cases for competition matches is contained in RFU Regulation 22, Appendix 1.

To download the Covid-19 Declaration Form click on the link below: 


The MROC is seeking volunteers from the rugby community to become league secretaries/standby league secretaries, to help in the administration of the ECRUC leagues in the Midlands Division.

Please contact Robin Websdale, MDOC Secretary, to express your interest and obtain further information on what the position entails.

e-mail: or telephone: 07977 592215

Midlands Rugby Results Service

The Midlands Rugby Results Service is now available on 0121 663 6631 (5:30 pm Saturday deadline for results but still available after that time).

All RFU League and RFU KO Competition results should now use the above number if telephoning in the result. Club administrators can also text results to 07860 018696 if they are unable to update the GMS and match card before the 5:30 pm deadline on a Saturday.

For further details regarding the National Registrar please see the MDAI pages and the last page of the Contacts list on this site.

RFU National Registrar

Bob Morrison : Office Telephone: 01793 677878

e-mail :